About me

I dream in colour palettes and scribble on everything. My hair colour changes faster than the weather in Cape Town and I collect plants, tattoos and apparently, Chihuahuas. I am a photographer, blogger, and coach originally from South Africa but now based in London. I am a visual storyteller with a passion for truly “seeing” my clients from a new and honest angle.

I value authenticity and raw beauty and have great respect for the moment. I’m not a fan of overly curating or posing anything and like to be subtle in my approach to making art. I like to capture life, just as it is.

If you don’t fancy all the frills, I’m your girl.

My Fempire

I left my job 6 years ago to pursue my photography carrer full time. I am extremely passionate about being a creative and living a lifestyle on my own time.

I enjoy nothing more than running workshops and sharing all the tips and tools of the trade with other creatives and budding entrepreneurs wanting to start out on their own.

I have since branched out, attained my coaching qualification and run a successful blog and community which is centered around women empowerment and self-love.

If you would like to know more, please have a look at my Instagram below or pop me a mail!

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Focusing on Visibility and Self-Love for female entrepreneurs, I have created a community where I share my journey, learnings, and inspiration with women and girls all over the world. Real conversations about real issues and just some good vibes to inspire and motivate some self-loving.